How to Get Full Custody of Your Child


In full custody, one parent is always given the role of a sole custodian, while the other granted generous visitation as determined by the law. There are some factors that can lead to a parent asking for a full custody of his/her child. A divorce or break up are some of the aspects that can lead to a parent seeking for a full custody. In order to get a full custody, one parent must demonstrate that a different custodian arrangement would negatively affect them. The parent should, therefore, have a right idea of what to expect prior to the court proceedings. There are certain aspects that must be taken seriously in case you want a full custody.

Separations and divorce can cause trauma to the child. The interest of the child should be greatly considered. A parent who wants to a full custody should be ready to state clear his/her reasons for doing so. They should explain why other custodian arrangement s are not healthy for the child. If one partner offers some form of threat to the child, then this can be used to file for a full custody. The needs of the child will be a determining factor since the court would not want to disrupt the life of the child. Know how to get emergency custody here!

Having a good relationship with your child is also an added advantage in case you want a full custody. Before rewarding the full custody rights, the court always looks at the relationship between the child and the parent in question. You should, therefore, be prepared to respond to any question being asked. You need to prove to the judge that you care for the child through doing everything you can for them. You can also prove to the court that you have a strong bond with the child and that their lives will be disrupted if they are taken away from you. Learn how to get sole custody here!

Custody battles can sometimes be long hence the reason to hire an experienced lawyer to represent you. Navigation of the case and preparation of the relevant documents to be used can only be done by an experienced family lawyer. When consulting with the lawyer, you should tell them everything including those that could be used to cast a negative image on you during the hearing. This will allow the lawyer to be fully prepared to handle your case. You can also look for a witness who can give evidence in the court to support your claims. You can also learn more tips on where to find the best lawyers, go to


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